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Jamba – Is It Juice, Or Magic?

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Jamba’s new, refined web pages tell the story of healthy living


Restaging who you are unlocks the door to prosperity and growth

By Bob Wheatley

When I say Jamba Juice most likely your mind turns to fruit smoothie outlet. So is a Jamba store essentially four walls with some blenders and pureed fruit in a cup? For a period of time in their history it may well have been. The word healthy loosely attached to the brand persona and a bright, colorful, fun atmosphere to deliver some fruity refreshment. So far so good, but if candor is applied, the picture was fair financially. Some questioned the long-term value proposition on a business that seemed to straddle the trench between beverage and treat…

Here’s another layer of candor: Emergent now represents Jamba so we have our hands deeply in the pool of change at this dynamic company.


The Four Keys to Successful Brand Building in the Relationship Era

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Target Your Customers Hand

Consumers are not targets, they are people to build relationships with.

Brands must become more human. Now what…?

By Bob Wheatley

I apologize. This post is a bit soapbox-ish. Can you feel the exhorting wind up? Well. Here goes…

There’s a saying: old habits die hard(er). For some businesses that’s a godsend as consumers come back again and again, if for no other reason than the intractable benefits of habit. It’s also true in default marketing behaviors, but these days with decidedly more frustrating results.

It’s harder than ever to market to consumers. The typical “build a positioning platform, message test and run it out there through every relevant channel” is harder to make stick. Why? Consumers work overtime to avoid contact with attempts at persuasion or anything that resembles it.