New Marketing: Stop Selling and Start Engaging

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Bringing more humanity to the conversation

Human Relationship Building

More often than not, marketing campaigns celebrated in the ad and marketing trades get the attention because in one way or another they may be fun, sexy, innovative or even glamorous.

Yet ultimately when we put the acid test of consumer behavior against the outcomes, we find that despite the adoration, occasionally these investments are simply ineffective.


Because they are attempts to persuade rather than engage. The design really is to showcase why you should buy more, rather than, why you should believe.

Rethinking the path to growth…

We know consumers increasingly buy from companies that are able to project a mirror of the stories they believe about who they are. Said another way – brands that in some way are able to embrace the narrative of users lives and values.

In the good old days, trust could be bought with ads and billboards. Now, it must be earned through behaviors that verify transparency, inspire belief and provide value beyond the transaction.

In many respects the relationship people have with brands that matter to them look increasingly more human.

In a recent business conversation, we were asked, “What do you do?” Many clients work to slot firms into traditional marketing, advertising or PR budget-based silos.

Truth is Emergent is in the Human Relationship Building Business. Marketing is now about what we term creating ‘content that cares.’ Our ability to engage effectively is an outcome of how we get closer to customers than ever before. We do this by helping enable their lifestyle interests, passions and priorities.

Communications tools and tactics are merely that – open pipelines we activate in an effort to invite a conversation – one that should be based on relevance and reciprocity to them.

Its not about us anymore, it’s about them. Always.


Bob Wheatley is the CEO of Chicago-based Emergent Healthy Living. Emergent provides integrated brand strategy, communications and insight solutions to national food, beverage, home and lifestyle companies.  Emergent’s unique and proprietary transformation and growth focus helps organizations navigate, engage and leverage consumers’ desire for higher quality, healthier product or service experiences that mirror their desire for  higher quality lifestyles. For more information, contact and follow on Twitter @BobWheatley.

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